Ai Broadcasting 丨 Virtual anchors replace real live broadcasts with commodities, black technology drone live broadcasts will soon be used!_ai_Digital_Duration

Now live streaming is very popular and AI streaming has become the new choice. Many merchants such as Taobao, Tmall and stores will consider live broadcasting, but the limited duration of live broadcasting or the lack of suitable anchors has always been one of the most frustrating problems. Today I will share with you black live broadcasting technology. Technology – AI broadcasting .
When it comes to AI broadcasting, it is about replacing real people with AI virtual anchors to provide 24/7 live broadcasting. Here I recommend aix smart live streaming software ( by setting virtual digital characters. (cartoon 3D animation There are all types) and background, prepare product images and speech skills, enter them into the software to realize automatic introduction throughout the day, and the operation is very simple.
In addition, there is also a real image version of the AI ​​virtual anchor software – elai Yi Live, which can also help you present products live 24 hours a day, the difference is that this is a real image with a stronger sense of user interaction open round year, and the price is “cheaper” than the cost of real people. Now time-limited free trial, everyone can try.
Use the free time traffic in the live broadcast room to make digital people and real people form additional live broadcasts. This situation is more suitable for flagship store AI broadcasting, real people + virtual people mode.
Smaller stores are certainly considering using an AI virtual anchor to automatically live stream merchandise 24 hours a day, freeing up labor and lowering labor costs.
In short, it will help you capture the traffic to the greatest extent, increase the duration of the live broadcast, and meet the needs of consumers for overnight shopping; besides, it helps the live room to maintain its popularity and increase the live time will help increase the weight of the live room.Return to Sohu to see more


Post time: Mar-22-2023